So we’ve talked about it.  Do we have a new definition for us? We don’t think we are in a ‘spanking relationship’.   He says I don’t need to fear a spanking as punishment for messing up. (If that is how your relationship works,  I’m glad you figured out what works for you.  It just doesn’t work for us right now.)

  He says he reserves the right to keep it in his back pocket to pull out if we fall away from our roles as we both have defined them.  I’m cool with that.  I mean, I guess it’s always been that way even though we had not spanked.  I’ve given him the power to make decisions regarding our relationship and this was never completely “off the table” it just wasn’t discussed much.  Now, it’s out there on the table in full view and may or may not get dusted off in the future.

 How does this change our relationship?  The spanking option itself doesn’t change anything at all.  The fact that he took charge a few weeks ago and went ahead with a decision he made by himself only adds to the respect I already had. 

That’s about it. 

Spanking changes some relationships drastically.  I think this may be because they used it early on to establish the roles, which is totally fine and sometimes necessary.  We already knew how we were going to relate to each other the rest of our lives.  So although the spanking accomplished the task of the day (“recalibrating” as BabyMan called it), it wasn’t needed to define an entire marriage.  We had already done that.

God bless,