I’d like to set the record straight.

I WANT to win this argument discussion.  I NEED to see you’ll stick to your guns.

I WANT you to pretend you didn’t see me roll my eyes.  I NEED you to not put up with it.

I WANT you to not mention that I forgot my cell phone again.  I NEED to know it upsets you because you care so deeply for my safety.

I WANT to walk away and not listen when you are reminding me (again) I have certain responsibilities around here.  I NEED you to keep me from walking away.  I NEED you to not allow the distance I sometimes try to create.

I WANT to clam up when you say it is time to talk about touchy subjects.  I NEED you to demand full disclosure.

I WANT (sometimes) to get louder and louder and make sure I am heard.  I NEED you to quiet me and not let this stupid thing escalate.

I WANT to steer this relationship and control the pace at which it moves (faster, please, faster!)  I NEED to know you have the wheel.

I WANT to serve you when it is convenient.  I NEED to know you will make it happen if it is your will.

I WANT to have sex when it is convenient.  I NEED to know you feel my body is yours for the taking.

I WANT you to go easier on me.  I NEED you to be more strict.

I WANT to throw out all the unwritten rules.  I NEED so badly for you to be stern when you enforce them.

I WANT you to back down when you’ve made tears well up.  I NEED you to never never never back down.

I WANT to hide any tears from you.  I NEED you to be strong enough to face those tears and push on through.  I NEED for you to be the only man in my life that knows you can cause the tears AND wipe them away.

I WANT to bat my eyelashes or unzip your pants and have you forget that nothing got checked off the list today.  I NEED you to hold me accountable. (then take off your pants)

I WANT to think I’m a bigshot around here.  I NEED to know who is boss.

There. See how easy I am to live with. **wink**