I hope you all had as much fun celebrating our independence as we did.  We participated in every 4th of July cliché.  We BBQed, swam, ran around with things aflame on one end, watched the sky lit up for over half an hour with amazing fireworks.  This we do because we are FREE. 

  I’ve been thinking about how people not of this lifestyle may view a wife such as myself.  I don’t think ‘free’ would be their first thought.  Oh, but I am.  I am so lucky to be in a relationship where I am free to be the real me.  I can express my need to not be in control.  I have freedom to say absolutely ANYTHING to my strong HOH because he wants to know the real inner me.  I am free to ask that ALL my needs are met and not just the mainstream, socially acceptable ones.

   Because of the freedom of this relationship, I feel protected, cherished, sexy and loved.  Without the openness he fosters, I would not feel free, I would feel trapped.  I’ve been there before, trapped by words I cannot say, by emotions I’m afraid to express, by needs even I don’t quite understand. 

 Trapped.  Isn’t that the opposite of free?

  It takes work to get to this point.  A good HOH will ask for lots of feedback.  Ask lots of questions, demand the WHOLE story as an answer.  The more freedom the wife feels to express herself, the better things get.  Wives should also make sure the relationship is a safe place for him to be free with his thoughts as well.

  And what of these husbands?  What does the work get them?  Freedom to be a man.  Freedom to be truly masculine in his own home.  Once the work is in place, he has the freedom to create a peaceful homelife because his leadership is respected.  Let’s not forget freedom to get all his sexual needs met and more.

  So what if the world thinks submissives live in bondage.  We know how free we are and we don’t need a national holiday to celebrate it.

God bless,