Why is Daddy the boss? Thursday, Jun 24 2010 

  I was asked by a sweetly smudged little upturned face “Why is Daddy the boss?”

  My answer was kept simple since it was asked out of a child’s innocence.  “Because Daddy AND I both want it that way.”

  That seemed to be enough information to settle the matter for now.

let the punishment fit the crime Friday, Jun 18 2010 

  I have a stupid grin on my face.  My sweet husband has been reading the blog.  He found it interesting that I wrote about feeling more ‘in mommy mode’ during the summer because he said it’s already VERY obvious to him that this happens, but did not know that I realized it happens.

 He also ribbed me for writing about spanking even though we don’t spank.  I explained that our readers DO KNOW that, but sometimes ask for advice anyway.  

He never looked up from his newspaper when he said “well, for the combination of both of those offences, I really should put you over my knee.  That way you would know what you were writing about and you might snap back into ‘wife mode’ as well”.  I just kept ironing the shirts, but I can’t seem to lose this dumb grin.

Don’t you love it when they get all dommish on you?  **smiles***

Have a wonderful weekend,

God’s gift to him

PS  I somehow deleted an email from a reader who was asking some very specific advice.  If that is you, please accept my apology and send your questions again.  Thank you.