Most people who live D/s believe it makes their lives better.  Not only does it enrich a marriage, but it can help  make life in general more fulfilling.  Some people are actually (and measurably) healthier because of D/s.  Sometimes a wife just needed help taking charge of her health/weight/fitness and her husband supplied much needed leadership.  It has also happened that men in a D/s relationship begin to take better care of themselves when they see someone is looking up to them for leadership and example. 

  So, here in Ohio, we are FINALLY into golf season and we’ve tried to make the most of it.   This means we have played three times, but with three little kids, that’s not so bad.  My husband really enjoys golf and plays a pretty clean game.  I do OK for someone of my size and for the short time I’ve been playing.   This week, I asked my husband to give me some pointers because I would like to become a better golfer.  He started low-key and told me little things like how to shift my weight or change my grip.  Later he would tell me when I needed a different club.

   Since I asked for advice, and really want to get better, I listened intently and did everything he said. Well, that was how it was suppose to go when it played out in my head.  Instead, I got frustrated, rolled my eyes and hurried to my ball and swung before he could tell me what to do again.  The shot did not go well and kept getting worse.

  He stayed calm when he looked at me and said “you asked for my advice and so you will listen to it and follow it as best you can”.  On the next shot I grabbed a club and walked to my ball.  He walked up behind me and handed me a different club.  I told him I wanted to use my favorite club.  I was informed it wasn’t the right club for the shot and my club was pulled from my hands.  I tried not to let him hear me grumble as I swung, but the somewhat smug look on his face was justified when I hit the green not 10 feet from the pin.

  After that, I was happier about taking his advice and the round just got better and better.  See how enriching D/s can be?  🙂  What about you?  Do you have  little ways that D/s makes things better?