I’ve received a couple comments and a few more e-mails about how we live our lifestyle with kids in the house.  You know me by now friends, and so you know I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say I’m not exactly sure what is being questioned.

As far as our sexlife, our kids see as much as anyone’s kids see–ZERO.  They do see a mom and dad who kiss and touch and hug a lot, but that is it.  They may have noticed by now that sometimes when mom and dad need to talk in our room for a minute, the door is locked.  I’d venture to guess that vanilla parents do the same thing.  And just like that vanilla couple, we have to wait until kids are fast asleep or at grandma’s for the weekend for the real fun to begin.

For our D/s dynamic outside of the bedroom, they see a happy mom and dad who are crazy about each other.  They see parents who talk and listen to each other.  They see that we both consult each other’s opinions on things and respect each others’ points of view because we each married a very smart person.

They see a mom who will do just about anything to please their dad and a dad who would rope the moon for their mom.

Do they see that dad is in charge?  I think so and I’m OK with that.  Have they seen him correct me?  I don’t know what they gleen from his subtle ways.  I know I’ve gotten ‘the look’ from him if I’ve displeased him and they’ve seen me quickly change gears, but I can’t be sure how much they read into anything of that nature.  Am I afraid they’ll think I’m weak?  If you knew me in real life, you’d be cracking up right now.  I can be a bit of a ball-buster, I don’t back down from things and I get stuff done.  People know they can count on me and my kids see that.

They know their daddy thinks I’m wonderful and so it’s OK with me if they know that he has the final say in this family.  They also know if mommy said something to them, daddy will back her up one hundred percent of the time.

As they get older they might begin to notice that our dynamic is a little different than what the world projects as the ‘right way’ to be a woman (or man) in a relationship.  I guess at that point I might have to explain that a life with a strong leader is the right way for us and has stopped any fighting and made family life smoother for all of us.  They are entitled to whatever type of relationship makes them happy when they are grown ups too.

  I do understand that those living lifestyles that include Domestic discipline, BDSM, poly relationships and the rest of the gammet have much more to consider when trying to coexist with kids in the home, but for us, it is just a natural way of life and the kids fit right in.  I can’t speak to the way those other families might juggle family life, but I hear that they do it just fine and their kids are just fine too.