We have been away for longer than expected.  Away from the blog, but the D/s of a relationship doesn’t just go away.  I don’t think, if you have a D/s marriage simply because that is how you are wired, that it will ever go away.  It can’t.  That is unless the marriage goes away, but we don’t entertain that option.

  I have been particularly submissive pertaining to this blog.  My dear husband thought a break was in order and so I took one.  When I thought it was time to return, he did not agree and so there were no posts.  Things have slowed down and so here I am, all fresh and ready to serve.  I’ve missed you readers, but I didn’t have to pine for you because so many of you have e-mailed to send positive thoughts and well wishes.  You are a lovely lot.  All of you.

  It’s funny, there was a point where I was frustrated about not being allowed to write.  I’m sure you already know what I’m going to say next.  My big strong protector was right, and I’m better for listening to him.  He knows me so well that my obedience is usually good for me.  If that’s not a perfect match, I don’t know what is.

Happy to be back,

God’s gift to him