loss Monday, Nov 30 2009 

I apologize for being away and not getting to questions.  We’ve suffered a terrible loss in our family and have had much to deal with.  Please keep up in your prayers and I will resume this blog when I am able.

Thank you,

God’s gift to Him

Submissives unite… Thursday, Nov 5 2009 

  I need to admit something.  I’ve been scared to leave comments for or contact other subs who live a different lifestyle.  I’ve been burned before, angry words from someone who assumed I condemned their choices because of how I live.  Mostly the problem seemed to lie in the fact that I am a Christian.  I don’t condemn them.  I’m a thinker, really I am (being a ‘feeler’ and in touch with my inner self is still pretty new to me).  What I do assume, even if I’m wrong, is that you are a thinker too and if you believe or don’t believe something entirely different, I fully support you.

  I write about married Christian D/s because that is what I know.  I’ve been attacked for being exclusive.  If I wrote about training St Bernards  would you attack me for leaving out poodles?  I’d be writing about StBernards because that was the topic I knew about.  Married Christian D/s is the only lifestyle I practice and so that’s all I can write about.

  I’ve read many other blogs by submissives, but rarely comment just because I’m afraid.  Well, I learned a thing or two last week…

   In my last post, I wrote about how D/s aids our communication and I received a few comments and many e-mails about it from just about every type of submissive out there.  And a few Doms.  Every single one was kind and affirming.  Submission may and can be expressed in many ways and we are all very different people, but a few common things unite us.  Thank you ladies for teaching me that. I won’t be afraid anymore.