I’ve been thinking about how submissive I may or may not act on a regular basis.  I’ve said before that I’m a pretty headstrong  broad.  Opinionated, check.  Stubborn, check. Likes getting her own way, double check.  So how is it I identify as a submissive?  The short answer is dominant males turn me on.  Specifically MY male.

  Dominant behavior revs me up.  A strong hand on my neck gets my juices flowing.  A stern look makes me want to disrobe.  All this from my husband of course.

  So does he get more dominant when I am more submissive.  It’s hard to say.  What I do think happens is this:  He get more manly when I am more feminine.  I don’t believe maleness/femaleness are completly black and white, but for the most part you understand what I am getting at.  Right?

  The softer I am, the firmer he gets.  The girlier I am, the more testosterone flows.  The more yielding I am, the pushier he allows himself to be.

  So today’s lesson…        If you want him to grow in his dominance, revel in your own submissive side.