I was INFORMALLY counseling a very nice woman who had asked if she could come over for coffee.  She knows that I help married women at my church and often talk of being biblically submissive.  I do not talk of power transfer or D/s relationships at all.  I mostly speak of being a supportive and cooperative helpmate as well as a strong woman and individual.

  This lovely lady began telling me that submission is quite different to her and she is not sure how to act on those feelings concerning her marriage.  She told me she has been looking around the net and actually found a few other Christian marriages that incorporate the way SHE defines this submission.

  My ears really perked up at this point and I asked her which sites she was talking about.   She talked a little about  a few and then SHE QUOTED OUR SITE!   She told me she didn’t want to tell me the names of the sites because I “just wouldn’t understand”.  What are the odds?

  I only smiled and told her as long as she kept her marriage pure, no other people were involved, and both partied are enjoying themselves, she should feel free to explore within her marriage.

God bless you,

God’s gift to Him