This blog is about (and for) married couples wishing to move their relationship toward a D/s or power transfer situation.  I have realized that I am leaving out another group.  What about singles who want this too?  How do they look for it?  Where can they find it?

  I’m currently in communication with two men who desire the type of relationship my Husband and I have, but they are single men.  One of the men sought me out and one I offered to help.  I find myself torn about many things. 

  I can give them an insight into the submissive heart (at least thissubmissive heart) but after that, then what?  The one that sought my help is a Godly man.  He wants a pure relationship, but also wants to know she meets his needs before he gets married.   Hmmmm….

   So, we all know that bedroom submission can be a very large part of the power transfer relationship.  He wants to edify God and also wants to commit to a woman who shares his sexual appetite.  Slippery slope, huh?

  Ideas?  I can only think of communication.  Lots and lots of talking.  Maybe even some of this horrid stuff:    ‘If I did A, would you B?  What if I threw in C and D, could you still B?’       And if that wasn’t bad enough, what if he totally speaks to her submissive nature with this and then when the time comes, he’s not really capable of C or D?

  As hard as “coming out” to your spouse is, I am decidedly grateful for my marriage.