I’ve been asked several times in several e-mails, when do I feel most submissive.  I’ll try to answer.

  The thing with my submission is that what actually comes over me is a need.  I feel a need to be submissive or to put it more honestly, I feel a need to be dominated.  When my dear Husband dominates me, I get the submissive rush I am looking for.  When He is in control, I get all the feminine submissive feelings I desire and the world makes sense again.  At least our little life here at home does.

  But if you are looking for specifics, I feel submissive from many different categories of Husbandly behavior.

 Sometimes, it’s the small things.  When we are out in a crowd and he slips his hand behind my hair and holds the back of my neck I swoon.  I feel girly and protected and His.  Also, it’s in “the look”.  I may have crossed some sort of line we’ve established while in public and “the look” from Him reminds me who is in charge here.  And you all know anytime He says “that’s my girl” I feel instantly submissive.

  Sometimes it’s sexual.   He has explained the times and ways he uses my body for only his pleasure and I openly admit that I take much pleasure in knowing He’ll take me as He sees fit.  I shiver a little thinking about it now.  The good kind of shiver.  Very recently He came home after a terribly draining day.  He said He had been prepared to disappear in the gym for a while, but finding the children gone on a playdate, He decided I could provide much more comfort.  I could tell by the look on his face that He was unhappy and went to hug him.  I was taken by the arm into the family room and told to kneel.  He needed my mouth for  a while and then I was pulled up, turned around against an end table, skirt flipped up and entered. “I need… I need  to just f*uck hard now” He said as He paused. I whispered “I’m ready” and as He did what He said He was going to do, I felt his heavy day fade away.  It may not sound very subby, but I felt powerful as my body helped Him clear His head.  I did that.  I alone can comfort my man this way and He is not afraid to take what He needs from me.  It’s a mixed bag, this feeling powerful while being dominated which makes me feel so submissive, but that’s the best I can describe it.  I was hushed while He used me rather intensely, you might even say severely.   I heard “that’s my girl” as I pressed back when I could tell His orgasm was near.  He caressed my neck for a minute and walked away.  I sat on the couch all subbed out and shortly after I was joined by a happy and freshly showered man.  I love the submission of the times He takes what He needs.

I also feel most submissive when he likes to give orders in the bedroom.  And then there is just something about the times when you are pushed ever so gently toward sensations you thought you might not be able to deal with.  There have been several times when He has had me laid out the way He likes.  Touching.  Exploring.  He might try something that seems a little, shall we say, extreme.  I’ve moaned “I can’t” only to hear him coo “you can, I’ll help you”.  This subtle domination, these pushes, these gentle crossings of lines I just drew, this sweet sweet pleasure given against my easily broken will. This is submissive heaven.