This statement from ‘she’ was in the comments of this article.


God’s gift,

  I think lots of women have this problem.  Perhaps you should write a post to husbands to ask their wives if they feel they are giving themselves fully to them.

  I know personally, I have one small hangup and my husband does not even seem to notice.  I have ways of skirting around doing one little thing and I sometimes am so afraid he will realize I am holding back and other times I really want to share with him my fears so that we could address them together.

  I know if he brought it up, it would be easier to talk about.


  So ladies?  Is something getting in the way of your full submission?

  I think it is OK to have boundaries and it is OK to not partake in an activity you feel is wrong.  But is there something you are not giving to your husband just because of fear or past experience?

‘She’ is right, husbands, you may want to have a nice long talk on this subject.  It could help with her submission, your sex life, your marriage or just make you feel closer because of the deep sharing and trust.

So, I guess you have an assignment this week!

God bless you,

Gods’ gift to Him