I’ve been talking to a lovely lady who is also a submissive wife.  She wanted to know if I thought it was OK if her husband slapped her face sometimes.

I have a hard time with this because there is no way I could get my face slapped without feeling disrespected and degraded.  It’s hard to not judge by what I would feel.

It has been pointed out to me that many of the things I truly enjoy might make another woman feel degraded.  I can see their point and can even agree with it.

I don’t think a man should hit his wife in anger, let me put that out there right now.

This lady says she likes it in sex play just as some enjoy a firm spanking.  My thoughts on this, because she DID ask me, is that God made the rump, especially the cushioned female rump, to withstand a few good licks without sustaining any damage at all.  This is not true of the face.  The face can bruise badly, nerve damage can occur and eyes  have internal parts that can be knocked loose.  I don’t see how behavior with these risks can be done with love.

I realize that not all women would, but I feel much love in my Husband’s behavior and the way he treats me.  He would never do anything that could damage my body or mind.  He is my protector.