Use your voice man! Monday, Apr 13 2009 

Once again, I’m hearing from wives who are frustrated over their husband’s lack of words during sex. 

My husband tried more than once to spell it out for you.  I know he gave lots of examples.

Perhaps the submissive side of the conversation needs to be heard.  Men, if you are in a relationship and have adopted the dominant role, your voice is your most powerful tool.  Yes, you can force with your body if you are strong, but the way we FEEL controlled is with your words.

I can’t imagine the things my Husband does having even half the power if they didn’t include his voice.  If it’s hard for you, ask her for help.  Just as my Husband told you to have your wife write things to make sure you are on the right track, ask her to write some things she might like to hear come out of your mouth.  You might be surprised.  Memorize a few and use them.  Hopefully it will get easier and you can just start thinking of your own.

We submissives like to feel submissive.  We can’t do that without feeling your power/control/dominance.  It is very hard to maintain without the use of your voice.  It really can be simple.

What are you thinking when you look down and see her on her knees in front of your erection?  SAY IT!  Use those sexy thoughts and say it.  Yup, even that word you just thought of, SAY IT!  If you step too far for your wife, I’m sure she will let you know at a later time.  Trust me, she would rather ask you to tone it down later than to live with one more encounter of silent sex with you.  I really don’t think she will ask you to tone it down though.  

Remember, we don’t feel there are dirty words within the privacy of a marriage, so loosen up and please her every way you can.  If you can do it to her, you can talk about it also.

At one point, my own sweet Husband had problems with this too, but now we can really tear it up. 

If your wife let you know you were lacking in another area of your sex life you would do whatever you could to get better right?  Find articles or books on the subject or ask your wife or a friend for pointers, right?  Right, because you want to please her.  I’m letting you know this is a BIGGIE. Lacking in this area can make sex much less enjoyable for her.  So man up and use your voice.  You will love the results.  I promise.


God bless you,

God’s gift to Him

Christian married sex should not be talked about Thursday, Apr 9 2009 

After my last post, I have received e-mails from some readers who seem upset about our topic and that we speak of it so openly. 

 Should Christian married sex be a taboo subject?

  Is the problem that we call ourselves Christians and still have steamy hot sex? or just that we talk about it as if we are not ashamed?

 Is the problem that I am a submissive wife?  or just that I talk about it as if I’m not ashamed?

Or that we sometimes talk dirty?

Or that I like to feel the power of the strong man God gave me?

Or just that we put out in cyberspace that we do this for all the Christians and non-Christians alike to read?

Your thoughts?

God bless you,

God’s gift to Him