It was brought to my attention that my husband prompted me for a story in his answers part 4..  He had asked me not to read part 4 so I didn’t.  I went to Him and asked what the readers were talking about.

  He said He told the men that some evenings he chooses to really REALLY wear me out and thought I might like to share about the first time this was His goal.  I know exactly what he is talking about. 

  Every now and then he seems really very pushy and things go on for hours with Him taking breaks for Himself, but  me not getting any breaks at all.  For hours.  Really.

  These times differ from other romps sometimes only by length but usually in that he seems to push me more toward total submission.

 The story of the first time is mostly in the ‘surprise’ ending. I’ll leave much out, but if the more graphic storytelling lies outside of your sensibilities, feel no need to read further. 

  He was particularly dominating that night and my head was spinning with submission from the words he was choosing.  I was not allowed to look in his eyes and I could only say ‘more’.  No matter what he asked me, the answer was ‘more’.  He spent over an hour with me, but he avoided giving me any orgasms which was not like him.  He did all the things that make me feel most submissive.  He did something new, which was to tell me to act like his fingers were a penis during a blowjob since his cock was elsewhere at the moment.  All I could say was ‘more’.  Oh, the feeling of his control over me!

   On this evening, he had announced that he was going to have me every way possible.  I knew that this meant we would end the evening with anal sex.  (I’m not sure why a lot of Christians have a problem with this, but it is not a sin as long as both partners enjoy it.  If you don’t know how to do it safely, please look it up before attempting. )  We both know that you should not go back to any other acts after anal sex, so on the occasions we utilize it, it is the end of our lovemaking session. 

  After taking me anally over a large footstool we keep in the bedroom he stood up and told me not to move an inch.  I was panting like crazy because he had kept me on the edge of orgasm for over an hour but always changed things up when he could tell I was about to explode.  I laid there with my rump in the air and wondered why he denied my orgasms. I was so exhausted I didn’t really care. He went to my nightstand and grabbed a few of the feminine wipes I keep in there and cleaned me very thoroughly and told me again to not move.  From where I lay, I could see into the bathroom.  I watched as he started the shower, soaped up in less than a minute and stepped back to me.

  I think this is the part he wanted me to write about.  When he came back, he started over!  I was in shock that we were not done. He  did everything he had done earlier again only this time making me cum every chance he got.  He forced orgasms on me and didn’t give me any chance to recover before moving on to more.  If he was close to orgasm, he used a toy or fingers for thrusting but made sure I was always filled with something.  He called me greedy when I said ‘more’.  I needed to shout and that was the only word allowed. He pushed sensations to be stronger and stronger and see what I could take.

 He was more controlling and rougher than normal and when it was over I collapsed in a sweaty little heap in his arms.  I fell asleep listening to him call me so many sweet names. 

  That was the first time he just used and used and used my body.  You all know I crave the submissiveness only He can bring out in me and this had my head spinning for days.  The next day, all I could say was “GENTLE!” if his hands got anywhere near me, but I loved the hum my body had all day because of the way he loved me the night before.  When I thought he was done the night before, it was only intermission!

  Did I cover the parts you wanted, dear?