We welcome all comments, really.  But if you comment, don’t be surprised if you also get a response. 

Someone wrote:

How is it you can write this and think it is not offensive to your wife?

    I’d like to address this and let him know why I am not offended.  The ONLY reason I COULD be offended by this is the fact that this is private information.  The decision to share about our life was mine.  We are sharing to help out some internet friends who desire to take steps towards a relationship like ours.  We have vowed to be as honest as we can be if it will help another marriage.  My sweet Husband would NEVER sit around and tell others about our intimacy.  We are hoping to keep some degree of anonymity while we share in this venue.

   My Husband would never degrade me.  If you think activities he has decribed are degrading, you must have only skimmed this blog.  If you read everything, you would see that I’m wired for service to my mate.  I enjoy and find excitement in situations where control is taken from me. (this applies to my Husband ONLY, because I love and trust him and he would never hurt me.)  He is creative in His use of my body.  I find much security in knowing that if something crosses His mind, He doesn’t fear me condemning His ideas as sick or wrong.  Because he knows I’ll please him anyway I can, He comes to me, not to another, not to a fantasy world, ME.  The trust involved is bonding.  The security palpable.

   Another thing to think of in regards to the last post:  Many of those things are done for MY benefit.  I crave his sexual attention.  I want to know I’m desired.  My darling takes time to think through a myriad of ways to make me feel pursued and sexy and they include my sexual satisfaction much more often than his own.

  If the comment made by the reader is in reference to our whole “situation” and not just the post, then I just wonder why he reads here.  If he doesn’t like how we live and how happy it makes us, he should move on and not give us another thought.

God bless you,

God’s gift to Him