I didn’t plan on discussing this as one of the first topics, but I’ve been asked a few times for a really good spanking scenario for beginners.

First of all, this is not a discussion about the pros and cons of spanking or if it is right for your relationships.  You’ve asked for a scenario and since we don’t include spanking in our personal relationship, I’ve asked a friend who revels in it to share. This is Katheryn.

I will follow up soon with a post on the joys, woes, reasons, questions, effects etc. of spanking.

For now, here is your answer.  Katheryn includes erotic spanking quite a bit into their relationship and thinks this is a fun little opener for those interested in it.  I’ve pasted her words below.

I believe the easiest transition into spanking is this fun one.  If the ‘spanker’ has reservations about striking his loving wife, this releases him from them because he is only ‘adjusting’ a naughty girls behavior.  If the ‘spankee’ is feeling nervous about actually submitting (even though she probably asked or begged or hinted or provoked to try spanking) this scenario frees her up to just enjoy because she has the power  taken away.  In other words, she may not be able to ask for the spanking, but she is more than willing to take one.  If she’s sexually submission, she may dream of it.

The scene is the naughty school girl and the stern headmaster.  (a girl can be 18 and boarding school) Simple, yes.  Cliche, maybe.  Fun and exciting, oh yea. I’ll try to spell it out in great detail. Change whatever doesn’t work for you. Most fun if she doesn’t expect a thing.

Step One:  Husband, tell your wife to go prepare herself for your pleasure. ( shower or bath, shaving, waxing etc.)  You can either tell her now or leave a note on the bed that she is to then put on a button or tie front blouse, a skirt and a thong.  Perhaps knee socks and or high heels;whatever you like. (you can also lay all of this out on the bed) Tell her to wait until you call for her.

Step Two:  Dress like a man. shirt and tie, dress pants, socks, nice shoes.  If you have a home-office this is the best place.  If not, create a space near a desk that is office like.  An office with a couch or love seat is best.  Call her into your office.  If it helps, call her by a different name.

Step Three:  Be physically commanding.  Tower over her and use slow words and a deep voice.  Ask her if she knows why she’s been summoned to the headmaster’s office.  Allow her to be girlie and shy.  Tell her that she was seen kissing passionately and, as she knows, this is not tolerated at your boarding school.  Let her argue or deny or whatever her reaction is, but keep your stern, cool demeanor. Insist she calls you, Sir.

Step Four: Let her know she already knew the punishment for the sin and sit on the couch.  Call her to you.  She may come to you or you may have to wrestle her. 

 *FYI, since you are new to this, the best spanking position is over your lap with her rump facing your dominant hand.  You take  her outside wrist (the one farthest away from you) in your other (non-spanking) hand and pull it behind her and pin it to her waist.  Now your elbow of that arm can press down on her upper back/shoulder blades to keep her in place.

Step Four: A good spanking starts very softly and steadily builds.  It lasts at least 15 minutes and ends with a pink, warm bottom.  Start over her skirt.  Slaps on the rump over the skirt don’t hurt and let you both adjust.  You may wait until she says something bratty “I hate you”, “this doesn’t even hurt” to sternly tell her she WILL learn her lesson today and lift the skirt.  Be appalled at her slutty choice of undergarment.  State that she needs your direction more than you thought and she will get it.  Girls like this will not be tolerated at your school.

Step Five: Slaps get a little harder once each minute. That is, in a good adult spanking, intensity builds very slowly so that the sweet thing over your lap can adjust to each level. So, if you start at a ‘one’, you will spank her for a full minute at a ‘one’, then on to a full minute at ‘two’, etc.  In between levels you may rub and smooth her bottom. Although this doesn’t really fit into the ‘scene’ it is purely for your wife’s comfort and pleasure. The longer you can draw this out, the more slowly it progresses, the better.  Remember to talk very slowly, deeply and calmly.  You may control with instructions if you want “keep quiet”, “the only thing I want to hear from you is I’m sorry”,”don’t fight me”.

Step Six: The intensity should build to one level past what you think she can take.  She will thank you later.  If she is not begging you to stop, screaming she’ll be good or sobbing, your job is not done. (the student is begging, not your wife) If she is taking this too well,  A prop from the headmaster’s desk (ruler?) may be useful and fun.  If she’s “losing it”, begging that she’ll be good and yelling she’s had enough, it’s important to still take it up one more notch and keep it going.  Give her some time to revel in this full submission she craves with you.*Gods gift to Him has assured me she will be talking more about spanking soon, but I would like to take this moment to assure you that the subbie who thinks she will like a turn over your knee wants the loss of control that her screaming and crying represents.  Don’t worry, she’s happy. She wants to “lose it” at your hands, what freedom!*

Step Seven:  Sure she’s had enough? Swing her off of your lap and set her on her knees between your legs on the floor and grip her wrists.  Calmly (this is  key because men who are in control have total control of themselves too) ask if she has learned her lesson.  She will somehow state she has and then send her on her way to her room.

Step Eight: Meet up with her very soon in the bedroom.  Just be her husband.  Hold her, rub her, ask if she is OK.  Was it all OK?  Only parts of it?  Too much? Too little?  If she is turned on, TAKE HER!  Let her know that you are so proud of how much she was able to take (this empowers her) and how manly you felt (also empowers her). If you need some reassurance, it’s OK to ask for it, but don’t seem embarrassed or like you feel dirty about it. You can talk more about it later when all the hormones aren’t still whirling around.  You can then talk about whether or not you want to utilize spanking more often and if you want to blend it with sex.

*For those who want the spanking scene to be an erotic one that may lead to sex:  This scenario takes its turn a while into the spanking.  After spanking for a while, act like the thong panties are so offensive and slutty that you can’t stand them.  Tell her (again CALMLY, STERNLY) that you can’t tolerate the horrible things and slide them off.  After a few more minutes of spanking, notice that she is wet.  You say you are appalled that her punishment has her turned on and slap some more.  Now alternate fingering her with spanking minutes.  Many submissives ADORE this part and want it to last forever.  You still need to build this up in intensity just as the non sexual scene, to the point of her loss of control.  If she orgasms from the fingering, just keep on going.  When the spanking is done, you can stand her up leaning over the armrest or kneeling over the back of the couch and take her then.  Remember a few taps on her warm, pink rump during sex.  Stay in full control.  Cuddle afterwards and use encouraging words as discussed above.

Your submissive wife will be flying high tomorrow with lusty thoughts of her big strong man.  If you did the job right, she’ll get a tingle in her rump everytime she sits down and this will thrill her..

Love, Katheryn.

I’d like to point out that a safeword should usually be in place, but both should understand it is for emergencies and will stop all play entirely.  I suggest instead a “slow down” word that she may say if she  needs more time to adjust to intensity, but is enjoying herself.

I will discuss spanking and all the physical and emotional areas it entails soon.  Right now, I wanted to get an answer for those of you who wanted a fun scenario RIGHT NOW. Enjoy.

Bless you,

God’s gift to Him