I am writing this blog in response to several people seeking my help with their path to becoming a sexually submissive wife (or a more sexually dominant husband).  I will be posting some basic How-to’s and advice over the next few weeks/months and do not plan on maintaining the blog after that.

I am a normal Christian woman, living in Ohio with my sweet husband and three kids.  I now run the household after leaving my very demanding job to raise three kids.  As most mothers do, I make nearly every decision concerning day to day family life and that is best for my marriage.

My husband (whom I will refer to as He or Him) is a very kind and accomplished man who supports us very well, attends church every week, encourages everyone he knows to be a better person and is every kids’ dream dad.  He also is my dominant in all things sexual and I would not have it any other way. If you met Him, you would never suspect a thing. 😉

Why do we choose this life/lifestyle?  Several reasons:

  • Modern life of women running the marriage leaves most men feeling emasculated (some realize this feeling and some do not)
  • I don’t feel very feminine running the show.  I make just about every decision about our lives because He is a very busy man and trusts me to make the right decisions.  Giving up control in the bedroom allows me to feel more feminine and He to feel strong and masculine.
  • The Bible supports being a submissive wife.
  • For whatever reason, I have a naturally sexually submissive personality( *you would NEVER know it!*) and our arrangement turns me on, keeps me turned on and pleases Him.

Is this really a Christian lifestyle?

       We believe it is.  We believe a safe, loving, passionate, trust-filled sexlife is a gift from God.  He created our sexualities and our bodies to enjoy married sex.  He and I do not play with others, hurt each other or do anything we don’t want to do.

I will be sharing somewhat explicit information over the next few weeks to help couples who desire this arrangement but do not really know what to do, what is OK from a Christian standpoint, how to keep it safe, how to draw even closer to each other and how to communicate your needs, wants and boundaries.  There will be no photos.

The reason Christian couples complain they can not find good information is because most sites about a D/s sexual relationship are on sites that use many pornographic  images.  Most believers agree that pornography is not what God wants for our marriage and therefore don’t utilize these sites.  Also, most information is either about unmarried sex or people who live a D/s lifestyle 24/7. 

Let me end in saying that I do not believe our situation is right for all married people.  It’s probably not right for even 5% of people.  God gave me a sexually submissive personality and my husband a somewhat dominant personality paired with a strong desire to please his wife.  This blog is for people who feel they would benefit, grow and find pleasure in this kind of arrangement.  I’m willing to help by letting you know what works for us.  You will need to explore any ideas with your spouse and utilize only what matches up with your healthy marriage.

Bless you,

God’s gift to Him